Bed Bugs and Heat?
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"Infestation is inevitable. Infestation is unstoppable..
- Dr. Michael Potter, Jan 2011
Professor of Entomology and
Leading expert in bed bug research
Thermal Pest Management
Heat has been used for decades to prevent and treat infestations. Bed bugs have a thermal death point of 45 °C.  Our systems surrounds the contents with wall temperature between 48 - 58°C creating a thermal enviroment that is leathal to bed bugs.

ThermalStrike Technology:
Our patent pending heating system is different from anything on the market.The
system uses a ultra-thin heating system which uniformally delivers heat across the outside surfaces of the container.
  • Heat is evenly delivered around the permeter and floor of the box allowing it to safely operate at more uniform temperatures.
  • Contents can be loaded right to the edge which simplies loading
  • Ultra-thin system means it takes up less space than systems which pass air around
How long does it take?
This is a common question and unfortunately, it's like asking how long does it take to cook a turkey on Thanksgiving - it depends on the contents.  Our systems are tested with fully packed suitcases as well as garbage bags full of clothes.  Our recommended guidelines are a minimum of eight hours to provide enough time to ensure that heat has penetrated through the enclosure.

Alternatively, an optional remote thermometer may be used to monitor temperatures inside the contents.  The system should remain powered after the remote thermometer reaches 120
So what should you expect?
Pest Management Professionals:
Edcuating your customers on our products will result in:
  • Improved customer preperation leading to success when the customer is able to treat items that are difficult to treat by conventional means.
  • Reduced warrentee calls from bed bugs re-entering the home.

Consumer Products:
Our products are designed to be simple, safe, and affordable.
  • ThermalStrike should be used proactively to greatly reduce the chance of bringing bed bugs home.
  • If you are dealing with an infestation, ThermalStrike can be used to eliminate bugs and eggs which may be hiding.

Our systems our thoroughly tested under typical and worse-case conditions before they are released.  We instrument with remote sensors and thermocouples to monitor the heat penetrating throughout suitcases and other bags.

Keep in mind that the thermal transfer is dependant what is loading into the item being heat treated.  Our graphs show suitcases filled with clothing and jackets.  Lighter items such as boardgames and puzzles will respond faster while items such as a pile of telephone books will respond slower.

If you are heating items signficanly heavier than clothes (such as a pile of telephone books) we recommend use of a wireless thermometer and treat until temperatures have stablized above 120°F.

What happens if the system is left on?
The wall and floor are designed to reach a maximum operating temperature of 160
.  If the system is left on for extended periods of time, the contents will reach these temperatures and cease to heat further.

Pssst...  Carla has bed bugs
It's not her fault. Bed bugs are appearing everywhere - schools, theaters, & stores.

Protect your family with ThermalStrike

Fig 1.  Large suitcase loaded with 41 lbs of luggage - leathal temperatures reached within 6 hours.


Fig 2.  Small suitcase loaded with 25 lbs of luggage - in small system (BB1)

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