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100% Effective
Wall and floor temperatures are raised to 140F to slowly raise the contents to leathal temperatures
Safety Systems
Dual safety circuits monitor the temperatures to prevent damage to materials or user.
Easy to Setup & Store
Consumer systems are collapsible to easily stow away when not in use.
Re-usable & Durable
The systems are designed with underfloor heating films that are intended for long term installation and the enclosure is made of corrugated plastics.
ThermalStrike Heated Luggage
The World First Suitcase That Kills Bed Bugs
Product Description
We are proud to introduce our flagship product for 2013. This attractive luggage set is the world's only luxury luggage - that actually kills bed bugs.
Using our state-of-the-art infrared heat technology. ThermalStrike actively kills bed bugs preventing you from bringing them home.

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Available in three options:
- 20" Carry-on $349
- 24" Upright $399
- Luggage Set $709
Product Features
Making it both light and durable, ThermalStrike's Polycarbonate blend outer shell is all but indestructible. ThermalStrike is equipped with a toughened telescopic aluminum handle, reinforced corner guards and an integrated TSA Approved lock. Its four 360 degree rotational wheels make it sturdy and easy to maneuver even when fully packed. Its sleek and stylish look is matched only by its superior performance.
Aluminum handles, reinforced corner guards and 360 degree gyroscopic wheels make it sturdy and easy to maneuver.
* TSA & FAA Compliant
* Ultra-Thin Heating System
* Integrated Thermometer
* 20" Carry On and 24" Upright
* TSA Locks & Pivot Wheels
* Reaches temperature of 140 degrees

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ThermalStrike Expedition
The Most Cost Effective Heat Treatment System
Product Description
ThermalStrike Expedition

Originally designed to treat luggage up to 29", ThermalStrike has become a standard to keep bed bugs from entering the home as well as an effective tool in treatment if bed bugs are discovered. ThermalStrike provides peace of mind to families and business travelers that they will not bring home unwanted pests. For those dealing with an infestation, ThermalStrike Expedition can heat treat a wide variety of items that are often difficult or expensive to treat by other means – including shoes, dry clean items, blankets, and even full bags of clothing.

ThermalStrike Expedition Systems are used by charities to treat incoming donations, schools, universities, and retail locations.

User Manual (.pdf)
The Science

Heat is recognized as the ultimate solution for bed bug eradication. A key factor is the ability for heat to penetrate into hiding places that cannot be visually inspected or reached by chemicals. Industry research has shown that lethal temperatures for killing bed bugs and the eggs requires exposure to temperatures ranging from 117°F to 122°F. The walls and floor of the Expedition System heat up to 160°F to surround the contents with uniform heat which is able to permeate to the core, yet is safe to touch and will not damage the contents.

Our Technology

Our approach has always been based on safety, simplicity for the user, and 100% effectiveness. The Expedition is constructed with a UL recognized thin heating film which evenly distributes the heat around the walls of the box. This ensures that there are not excessive hot spots that could damage the contents or cold spots that could allow the bugs to hide. The ease of loading also makes it perfect for treating cluttered situations where bed bugs like to hide.
Product Features
* Protect your Protect your Home by Stopping Bed Bugs at the Door
* Chemical-Free Alternative that Kills 100% of Bed Bugs and Eggs
* Dual Safety Circuits to Protect Your Home, Suitcase, and Garments
* Reusable and Collapsible for Easy Storage
* Treatment Time Generally 8 Hours or Less

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