My family brought bed bugs home from Mexico in 2008.  I experienced the problem and saw the stress and anxiety it put on my family.  Over the next year I studied the problem and decided to do something about it.  [Read More]
Mike Lindsey
Creator of ThermalStrike Technology
"The bed bug problem is going to be more difficult to deal with this time around."

- Dr. Michael Potter, Jan 2011
Professor of Entomology and
Leading expert in bed bug research
We used to think they were confined to dirty hotels, but bed bugs are literally showing up everywhere - at schools and universities, theaters, gyms, and retail stores.

Bed bugs do not fly. They spread by attaching themselves and their eggs to things like clothing, travel products and suitcases. Once bed bugs are transported to a new location, it is difficult and expensive to remove them. To avoid a bed bug infestation of a home, it is important to destroy the bed bugs and eggs.
Whether our traveling with our award winning luggage or our ThermalStrike heat-treatment system, ThermalStrike is the simpliest and most cost effective heat treatment system available.  

Heat Treatment Advantage

  • 100% Effective against Bugs and Eggs
  • Penetrates Deep into Hiding Spots
  • No Toxic Chemical Residue
  • Easy to Use and Safe for Most Items

ThermalStrike Heat Systems balance treatment time (speed), safety, and effectiveness. The system may be left on for extended periods of time without posing a risk to damaging contents or creating safety hazards.