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  • Electrical Engineer (18 Years)
  • R & D Engineering Manager
  • MBA from Colorado State
  • Bed Bug Survivor
Mike Lindsey
Creator of ThermalfStrike Technology
Other people's stories:
"My stepdaughter had to throw away all of her stuffed animals. They will go inside the animals. How do you tell an 8-year-old that her life with stuffed animals is gone? Our expenses (to rid the house of bedbugs) are pushing $3,000 to $4,000." (see the full story)

- Michael Newberg, May 2010
Denver Post
One of the creeper things about bed bugs is the fact that you don't always know that you have them.  Since only half the population reacts to the bite and the bugs ability to stay hidden, our bed bugs went unnoticed for almost six months.

In our case the initial ifestation was just after Christmas, but it wasn't until we returned from camping over Memorial Day that we found them.  Bed bugs eat every 7-10 days, since we were gone for a week, they were hungry.

We had driven home 12 hours and just got the kids to bed.  Exhausted, we sat started flicking through channels when the first bug came crawling over the sheets.  I killed it, but moments later a second one was coming.  This was before the media really raised awareness in the summer of 2010 so we had no idea what we were in for.

Once I caught one, I compared it to the images on the internet.   The next day we called exterminators to find out that it would be almost two weeks before we could get treatment - and another four to six week until we'd likely be bug free.

When you have bed bugs, there's not  much you can do besides lie as bait.  You wake up swearing something is crawling on you, but usually it's nothing.  Generally family and friends are supportive, but distance themselves.  
Like many others, we received our list of how to prep our house for treatment.  There were over 21 full size garbage bags full of clothes, linens, and towels that needed to be treated.  
Our mattress was encased and we were warned to be cautious of ripping or taking off the cover until over a year had passed or the nightmare could begin again.  Going to sleep on plastic became a daily reminder of what we had gone through.

ThermalStrike is the simpliest and most cost effective heat treatment system available.  
Pest Management Professionals:
Edcuating your customers on our products will result in:
  • Improved customer preperation leading to success when the customer is able to treat items that are difficult to treat by conventional means.
  • Reduced warrentee calls from bed bugs re-entering the home.
Consumer Products:
Our products are designed to be simple, safe, and affordable.
  • ThermalStrike should be used proactively to greatly reduce the chance of bringing bed bugs home.
  • If you are dealing with an infestation, ThermalStrike can be used to eliminate bugs and eggs which may be hiding.